The labels of the master Gianni Gallo

Le Etichette di Gianni Gallo — nomeFirma Gallery etichette Gianni Gallo and me, a nice friendship.
I think back over our way together, following the thread of my memories and my regrets. It was in 1976; I went for the first time in Dogliani to meet him in his smoky and legendary kitchen when the first label for my Barolo borned: the king fisher, the symbol of my grappa. From that moment Gianni has never been only the excellent artist, the refined engraver, but above all "the friend", sharing with me fragments of life, with its ups and downs.

It was an acute observer, a great storyteller with an impressive fund of experiences and memories. He had the tendency to express clearly his ideas, even when they were inconvenient. Our arguments were heated and passionate. Italy first, and then the rest of the world, started to know my grappe with Gianni's beautiful labels, his animals, his trees, his flowers. Gianni is with me whenever someone ask me who is the author of those marvels. He will always be here with his labels and my memories.
He gave me a lot, and I deeply miss him.

— Paolo Marolo


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