Marolo Distillati, Alba
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Grappa di "Barolo 15 years"

Nome prodotto

Variety: Nebbiolo from Barolo.

Alcohol: 50% vol.

Size: 70cl.

Aging: 15 years in little oak and acacia barrels.

Description: the long aging gives to this grappa a unique sensory mark. His extremely deep colour announces the aromatic strength and the smoothness that we will find during the tasting. It is a dry and severe grappa, without mawkish notes; the aromatic profile is dominated by spices (clove, pepper, liquorice, tobacco, nutmeg, anice ) and from the scent given by the barrel. The sensations linked to the pomace used for this grappa didn't disappear along the years, but they match with prune, candied and dry fruit like nuts and almond. The result is extremely clean and pleasant.

Packaging: every bottle has a numbered label and it is packaged in elegant coloured drawer-cases.


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