Marolo Distillati, Alba
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Vin Brulé

Nome prodotto

Variety: 14,5% vol.

Size: 75cl.

Description: warm your nights and entertain your friends with this special mulled wine. Thats a wonderful idea! It helps to fight cold days, recharges your moral and makes happy. This elisir was already well known in the Middle Age: it was born in the silence of the monasteries, where the practice to mix spices, wine and aromatic herbs created real natural medicines. For our personal formula we chose a great red wine and a mix of herbs that will give your pleasant sensations. Don't boil it, because you will ravage its distinctive features. Serve it very hot and, if you like it, aflame its surface.

Packaging: every bottle is sold in a carton box with a ceramic carafe.


Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo s.r.l.

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