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Grappa di Barolo Vintage 2006

Nome prodotto

Variety: Nebbiolo from Barolo.

Alcohol: 42% in volume.

Size: 70 cl.

Aging: this grappa, put to age in little oak barrels as reported in the Cuneo Customs Office Minutes N.01 of 06/02/2007, obtains the appellation of Extra-Aged.

Description: this grappa comes from selectioned Nebbiolo from Barolo pomaces distilled with little, discontinuous, bain-marie alembycs. It is a grappa coming from the vintage 2006, defined as an "exceptional" one and it sums up all the qualities and personality that are typical features of the homonymous wine. The vintage and the aging give to this grappa a unique sensory imprint. The aromatic profile is marked by a spicy taste that doesn't cover the fruity scents arriving from the raw material and enriched by notes of raisins, prune and stewed fruits.

Bottles: 1750 bottles.

Packaging: the bottles are serigraphied and presented in an elegant oak wooden case.


Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo s.r.l.

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