Marolo Distillati, Alba
XXXV Anniversario

Grappa di Barolo Bussia Vintage 2001

Nome prodotto

Variety: Nebbiolo da Barolo

Alcohol: 45% in volume.

Size: 70cl.

Aging: 12 years in little acacia barrels.

Description: To celebrate the XXXV anniversary of the Company, we distilled and forgot for many years this Grappa Barolo Bussia in little oak barrels. The time and the typical characteristics of the vine give it an extremely rich and aristocratic character; the scents of almond and tobacco are perfectly balanced by anise balsamic notes and licorice. Its unique sensory impression will carry you through our hills and it will allow you to better appreciate the Langa spirit.

Bottles: in the 2014 we produced 2850 bottles of this extraordinary grappa.

Packaging: every bottle is sold in an elegant luxury box.


Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo s.r.l.

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