Marolo Distillati, Alba
Le Invecchiate

Grappa di Moscato DOPO

Nome prodotto

Variety: Moscato

Alcohol: 42% vol.

Size: 37.5cl.

Aging: 5 years in oak barrels

Description: This Moscato grappa was aged 5 years in barrels, previously used to age passito wines from the Sicilian island of Pantelleria. Aromas of great elegance, and flavors of tropical fruits, peach, candy, and raisins, along with hints of apricot and figs. Also characterized by a very pleasing combination of the aromas and flavors of sweet baked goods, reminiscent of the famous panettone cake from Milano. Ideal matched with seasoned cheeses.

Packaging: Every bottle is sold individually in an elegant cardboard box.


Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo s.r.l.

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