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Barolo Chinato

Nome prodotto

Variety: Barolo wine

Alcohol: 16,5 % vol

Size: 37.5cl.  75cl.

Description: The base is a several-year-old Barolo wine and therefore very mellow. It is enriched with a hydro-alcoholic infusion (2.2%) of herbs, roots, barks and natural spices with the addition of 15% sugar. It is aged 2 years in 60 gallon barriques. Maestro Paolo Marolo works with about 40 different ingredients, but the main botanical component is the chincona bark, known as quinine. Great as a digestivo and as an accompaniment to chocolate desserts (and ice cream). It is also an appealing aperitif.

Packaging: Every bottle is sold in an individual elegant cardboard box.

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