Grappa di Moscato Solera

A rich and exciting distillate, where the vine of origin is always, and in any case, easy to identify,
perfect with any type of dessert or as a sumptuous and always pleasant drink after meal.

    Caribbean inspired, 100% Piedmontese soul

    The new Solera Grappas are fruit of the continuous research, which has always distinguished Marolo, for the most particular distillation techniques and methods, from all over the world but rigorously applied to grappas from native vines, obtained from fresh pomace, managed by hand through discontinuous distillation.

    The Solera method, very popular in the production of Rhum, consists in creating a particular blend of grappas aged in barriques with different ages of refinement, based on a dynamic method. The barrels are arranged in pyramidal stacks: on the highest row is the youngest grappa while the lowest one, called Solera (which means «soil» in Spanish), has the oldest grappa. Every year, part of the Solera is bottled and the barriques are filled with the distillate from the upper row. 

  • VARIETY: Moscato bianco.

  • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 42% in volume.

  • VOLUME: 50cl.

  • AGING: the oldest part of Solera is aged for at least 6 years in second passage barriques that have already been used for Piedmontese Moscato Passito.

  • TASTING: golden color, the nose has aromas of white flowers and yellow pulp fruit. In the mouth, sensations of apricot, candied citrus and light notes of pear, complemented by nuances of rose and elderberry, with dried fruit and almond finish.

  • PACKAGING: decanter bottle with glass stopper packed in elegant wooden cases with a sliding compartment.

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