Marolo | Fernet Ulrich

Fernet Ulrich

  • Alcohol content:: 41% Alc. / Vol.

  • Bottle volume: 70 cl.

  • Description: The recipe of Fernet Ulrich, handed down by botanist and pharmacist Domenico Ulrich, has been reworked by Marolo in a wise and careful manner: mixing the selected essences to obtain a bitter liquor with a sharp and bursting flavor. The liquor is made by macerating and distilling 35 ingredients (aromatic herbs, woody essences, and spices), some of which are aged in barrels for 4 years.

  • Tasting: An excellent drink after a meal, you can enjoy it straight up or added to coffee or hot water. In summer, it is perfect with soda water and ice. An ideal ingredient for cocktails like the legendary Fernet con coca.

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