Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1994

  • VARIETY: Nebbiolo from Barolo.

  • ALCOHOL: 50% vol.

  • SIZE: 70cl.

  • AGING: barrels of different kind of wood

  • BARRELS: barrel n.1271 and barrel n.1207

  • DESCRIPTION: the long aging gives to this selected reserves of grappa a unique sensory mark. Their exceptional deep colour is the sign of its aromatic strength and of that kind of softness that you will recognize during the tasting. The barrique developed in a fantastic way spicy fragrances with precise notes going from pepper to cloves, from nutmeg to brown tobaco, from anise to liquorice

  • BOTTLES: n.664 bottles from n.1271 barrel and n.457 bottles from n.1207 barrel

  • PACKAGING: every bottle, numbered by hand, is sold in an elegant walnut box

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