Paolo Marolo


Paolo Marolo was a pupil of the Scuola Enologica di Alba.
Part of group of students, who in the 70s, were on a mission. To advance the possibility of winemaking and create value from the extraordinary vinicultural heritage of the Langhe. Only five years after graduating in 1967, Paolo began teaching a course on the herbal extracts and liquors made by the great pharmacist, Pinot Gallizio.

This course was the inspiration needed to begin producing grappa on his own. At the time it was a highly misunderstood liqueur, imprisoned in the annals of digestive health and Paolo wanted to change this. So, in 1977, along with his brother, he started the Santa Teresa Distillery out of his family home in Mussotto.

Paolo was immediately a craftsman and an innovator.
He chose to use bain marie pot stills against the advice and trend to use industrial stills. He chose to distill only single-variety grappas, to showcase the noble vines in Piedmont, especially nebbiolo. And above all, he chose to age in barrels made from native woods, amplifying the territory to capture the true spirit of the land.

Today, the grappas of the Langhe and Roero are indomitable, rendered as such thanks to careful creation and delicate distillation. They breakthrough the boundaries of a spirit. Each sip is a taste of the land.