Raw Material

«We began from small batches of pomace from winegrowers whose passion and the quality of the wines they produced we knew well. Each distillation is customized, made to measure»

Paolo Marolo


All pomace comes to the distillery fresh, in optimal condition, at the right degree of fermentation. We favour softly pressed pomace because it preserves the skins intact, rich in aromas that will be extracted by distillation.

90 days fresh

The fresher the pomace when it is distilled, the greater the distinctive character of the grappa obtained. To prevent rot and decay, Marolo distills only fresh pomace that has not been ensilaged or stored. In line with tradition, all production is concentrated during harvests, in a time span of 90 days, from September to December.

Suppliers of excellence

Marolo selects pomace from small winegrowers who make their wines with methodical care and guarantee an optimal raw material.

Premier zones

Marolo favours single-varietal pomace from Italy’s premier winegrowing zones: Barolo, the hills of Moscato d’Asti, Brunello and Valpolicella.

Traceability and grand CRU

The close ties that bind Marolo to its suppliers allows for the production of Grappas localized to a single vineyard or plot within a Cru. Examples of these limited productions are Grappa di Barolo Bussia, Barbaresco Rabajà and Pianpolvere, Arneis Renesio, Pigato di Albenga di Bice e Pippo Parodi.