Nivis - Grappa di Barolo

  • GRAPE VARIETY: Nebbiolo from Barolo, 2006 vintage.

  • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 53.8 % vol.

  • BOTTLE VOLUME: 70 cl.

  • AGEING: oak barrels.

  • STABILIZATION: natural, during the winter months of 2019. Not subjected to chill filtering

  • SAMPLEE: 2,571 numbered bottles.

  • TASTING NOTES: the ancestral technique of natural stabilization, exposed to the winter weather, and the absence of mechanical chill filtering ensure Nivisʼ uniqueness. A grappa “with no filters”: lively, blooming, blunt and straightforward, capable of combining an extraordinary richness in smell (cloves, pepper, nutmeg, anise, licorice and tobacco) to a sumptuous body, intense and extremely persistent. An “entertaining” grappa, a true delight to the palate that draws the attention to nature and its amazing evolution as seen through the art of distillation.

  • PACKAGING: single bottle in elegant box with unusual shape and finishes.

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