MAROLO Vermouth cocktails


Fresh and spicy Vermouth Rosso combined with Brandy and enhanced by an unexpected touch of bitterness. A drink for sunset in the mountains.

4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Rosso
3 cl Italian brandy
0,5 cl Amaro Ulrich

El Rei

Vermouth Rosso again, but this time with the potency of vodka and the unexpected aromatic fragrance of chinotto. A drink to sip on a veranda overlooking the sea.

4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Rosso
2 cl Vodka
Top up with Chinotto

Il Cavaliere

Let’s move on to the freshness and femininity of Vermouth Bianco, with its delicate floral flavours mixed with the unique bitterness of Angostura and the perlage of a spumante, an Italian sparkling wine. The result is a wonderfully fresh drink to enjoy on the beach at any time, on any occasion.

4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Bianco
1 cl Amaro Ulrich
2 dashes of Angostura
Top up with Italian Spumante

Il Crucco

Beer and Vermouth? Yes, believe it or not, thanks to the nobility of Vermouth Rosso Superiore Umberto I, which will captivate you with its intoxicating balsamic notes. A midnight swim drink.

6 cl Vermouth Ulrich Rosso Superiore Umberto I
2 cl Amaro Ulrich
Top up with Lager


When it comes to Gin, there’s nothing better than Vermouth Extra Dry. Walnut, lemon and wild berry notes blend with the fresh flavour of Celery Bitters and an irresistible touch of Marsala. A cocktail for romantic poolside evenings.

3 cl gin
4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Extra Dry
1 dash of Celery Bitters
0,5 Marsala