Marolo | Vermouth Bianco Extra Dry

Vermouth Bianco
Domenico Ulrich

“Something special, without exaggeration.” This was the request of the Savoy ladies, the pride and pleasure of the bourgeoisie, who would frequent Turin’s Art Nouveau cafés. The Vermouth Rosso, with its high alcohol and masculine characteristics, was softened for the female palate. The colour lightened, the aromas became more delicate and the infusions were graceful not brash. This is how the Vermouth Bianco from Dr. Domenico Ulrich was born. It has a perfect balance between sweet and bitter notes, great both for mixing or drinking straight, with or without ice. This is the aperitif par excellence. Best served with a squeeze of fresh lemon and an orange twist to enhance the floral notes.

  • Vino 100% Cortese del Piemonte

  • Artemisie From Piedmont

  • Colore Straw yellow

  • Gusto Delicately fruity and spicy Notes of sambuco, vanilla and rose

  • Gradazione 16%

  • Formato 750 ml

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