Marolo | Vermouth Bianco Extra Dry

Vermouth Extra Dry
Domenico Ulrich

This is the dry version of Vermouth Bianco. It is unedited, pure and brightly fresh. This is pure “dry” pleasure that climbs the ladder of mixology; no other Vermouth than Extra Dry goes so well with cocktails made with gin, vodka and bitters. The original recipe of the 19th-century was reworked by Marolo to be delicate and rich with aromas. Notes of walnut, lemon and field berries stand out. Find its peak on the rocks, mixed with an excellent gin and with black currents of red berries.

  • Vino 100% Cortese del Piemonte

  • Artemisie From Piedmont

  • Colore Straw yellow with green reflections

  • Gusto Dry and fresh Notes of walnuts, lemon and field berries

  • Gradazione 18%

  • Formato 750 ml

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