Marolo | Vermouth Rosso Superiore

Vermouth Rosso Superiore
Domenico Ulrich

It is said that in 1786, the Savoy family drastically interrupted the production of Rosolio in the entire Kingdom of Sardinia because a bottle of Vermouth arrived at their doorstep. Dedicated to King Umberto I from Dr. Domenico Ulrich for his severity and military might, Vermouth Rosso Superiore is prized for its austerity and drinkability. It is the perfect contemplative ending to a meal. Full, vibrant and rich, it is distinguished by bitter notes of cinchona and hyssop. The uniqueness of the Re Umberto Rosso Superiore is the refinement of the botanicals: after the essences are extracted, the tinctures remain in wood for six months to age. This technique gives an intense colour, a wonderful balsam profile, roundness of body and velvety tannins.

  • Vino 100% Cortese del Piemonte

  • Artemisie From Piedmont

  • Colore Dark Amber

  • Gusto Fresh, spicy, enveloping and balsamic Notes of cinchona and hyssop

  • Gradazione 18%

  • Formato 750 ml

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