Marolo | Vermouth Rosso

Vermouth Rosso
Domenico Ulrich

First, original, foundational. Vermouth Rosso is the very soul of the aperitif. It is the product that has shaped the habits of its producer. Originally, the colour of Vermouth Rosso was amber due to the use of browned sugar, also known as “burnt”. Later on, caramel was used as a more aggressive colouring agent, darkening the tone of the vermouth. Marolo, staying faithful to the original 1854 recipe, has gone back to true method of making Vermouth Rosso, with burnt sugar. It does not change the aromatic profile of the vermouth, and in fact, enhances the notes of orange peel, gentian and lemon balm from Piedmont. It is a must for any occasion, served on the rocks and garnished with an orange twist for maximum smoothness.

  • Wine 100% Cortese del Piedmont

  • Artemisia From Piedmont

  • Colour Amber

  • Taste Fresh, delicately spiced and balsamic Notes of bitter orange, gentian and lemon balm

  • Alcohol 16,5%

  • Format 750 ml

  • Cocktails
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