«During aging, the distiller becomes a designer. He creates custom-made apparel, not to hide the body of the grappa, but to enhance its natural beauty, its elegance»

Paolo Marolo

Innovator in tradition

Born in 1946, he established the Marolo distillery in 1977. Since then, his life has been dedicated to the perfection and promotion of grappa. His work is that of an artisan, of hands, passion and palate. He still spends many hours in the distillery, personally guiding the distillation process with his experience.

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«Making grappa does not mean simply distilling alcohol, but creating a unique product, one which carries the identity and characteristics of the grape variety used in its soul. Our job has always been to recognize and enhance the bond between grappa and its land of origin.».

Lorenzo Marolo

The future of tradition

After completing his studies at the Oenology School in Alba, he gained a degree in Management from Milan's Bocconi University. In 2014 he joined the company, rediscovering the lessons and distilling techniques his father had passed on to him since he was a child. It is now his job to preserve the artisanal tradition of Marolo grappa while guiding it into the new millennium.